Way Seekers

Way Seekers do not believe in a being that can be prayed to, they instead feel that great and unknown rules govern the soul once a person dies. While no one knows the rules, or the way they are judged, they know that there are seven places where a soul can be sent, and how they lived is what determines it. Most non Way Seekers assume some form of hierarchy of heavens, but this is not true. Way Seekers who are clerics do not pray, but instead receive their spells for their continuing to follow their chosen path. All Way Seekers, no matter where they hope to go upon death use the symbol of a weigh scale.

The Plains of Traw (N)

Those who dedicate themselves to conflict and combat are sent to the Plains of Traw where they can battle and fight for eternity. Those Way Seekers who revel in martial prowess seek to end their journey here.

Game Play

Clerics seeking the Plains of Traw use the War and Glory domains. They may also choose any weapon that deals lethal damage as their weapon.

The Great Hall (G)

Those who dedicate themselves to fun, entertainment hope to reach the Great Hall where they will talk, laugh and enjoy all of eternity. Many Bards follow the road that leads to the Great Hall.

Game Play

Clerics who wish to find the Great Hall may choose from Charm, Community or Luck domains. A dagger is the weapon carried by all seekers of the Great Hall

The Forever Harem (E)

Those who seek hedonistic pleasures walk a dark path toward the Forever Harem. This is a place of lust and gluttony, where those who enter hope to experience a eternity of the most basic over indulgences.

Game Play

Clerics who wish to enter the Forever Harem may choose from Evil, Darkness, or Trickery domains. A club is the weapon carried by those who wish to enter the Harem.

The Endless Wilds (N)

Those who live in the deep wilderness and feral unknowns hope to continue their journey in the Endless Wilds. This is is a never ending wilderness, where souls can be with the primal elements of nature.

Game Play

Clerics who wish to find the Endless Wilds may choose from Animal, Plant, Weather or domain. These wanderers can always be found with a simple wooden staff.

The Architects House (N)

Seekers of all knowledge and magic hope to, once ending their mortal study, go to where all the answers are written and have eternity to find them. The house is a library of never ending, knowledge that is to great for even a soul with all of eternity.

Game Play

Clerics who care for knowledge above all else may choose from Knowledge, Artifice or Magic domains. Clerics who seek to enter the Architects House do not have a favored weapon, instead they can cast Read Magic as a free action, and Comprehend Language once per week.

The Phantoms Tomb (E)

Those living lives of regret hope only to make amends, take back an action or inaction that has scarred their life. These souls hope to make it to the Phantoms Tomb where they can relive their life for eternity and see what would have been.

Game Play

Clerics who have dropped into despair question everything may choose from the Madness, Law or Chaos domains. Those who seek the tomb will carry sickles.

The Western March (G)

Those who seek more, the continuing quest to see more hope to take the Western March. There is no definition of the Western March except that it does not end and new things, places and people are on every horizon. Those with only wanderlust in their hearts hope to continue their journeys forever.

Game Play

Clerics dedicated to the march can choose from the Travel, Liberation and Repose domains. All those seeking the west will do so carrying a short bow.

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Way Seekers

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