While many pantheons exist, their are three prevalent religions that make up the majority of the population.


Hailing originally from the southern tundras but being brought north as ancient nomadic tribes sought easier lands to live in. The Tanthium consists of ten Gods that govern the lives of their followers with a mix of ceremonies, traditions and superstitions. While all major events and traditions are similar, ever region and town has different revered guardians and unique ways of paying homage to them.


The Jaut faith is a more recent religion claiming to be a resurgence of the ancient Gods long forgotten. Hailing from groups of islands far to the east, instead of worshiping a God, the Jaut faith has four beings which are all given equal reverence.

Way Seekers

The smallest of major religions is the Way Seekers who do not worship a “God” being. Instead, they follow an ideal that once a person dies their soul is judged, and brought to the place it deserves.

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