Those that follow the Jaut religion give equal reverence to four great beings. The teachings are said to come from stones scattered across the eastern islands and coastal regions. As new stones are being found, the stories grow but the message seems to be consistent.

Cret (NG)

Cret is the force of creation. It is believed that the world flows from Cret, so all are born of Cret and everything made or created is through the grace of Cret. The symbol of Cret is a star burst with a wave forming from the left side.

Game Play

Those who claim to do the work of Cret are healers and craftsmen. Clerics of Cret may choose from the Healing, Light, Water, Good and Protection Domains. Cret’s weapon is the spear.

Wryt (NE)

Wryt is the force of destruction. All things must eventually go to Wryt, so the dead are send to Wryt. The symbol of Cret is a wave flowing into the right of a small circle.

Game Play

Those who claim to do the work of Wryt have no set profession or walk of life. Clerics of Wryt may choose from the Death, Destruction, Knowledge and Darkness Domains. Wryt’s weapon is the Heavy Pick

Pthe (LN)

Pthe is the force of order and structure. All things created follow an order, and life is an ordered process. The symbol of Pthe is a hollow triangle with circles at each point.

Game Play

Those who claim to do the work of Wryt are soldiers, guardsmen and engineers. Clerics of Pthe may choose from the Earth, Law, Protection and War domains. Pthe’s weapon is a symmetrical heavy mace

Grel (CN)

Grel is the force of chance and uncertainty. During all existance there is things that cannot be controlled, the actions and reactions of the world are a mystery. The symbol of Grel is a wave touching a cloud.

Game Play

Those who claim to do the work of Grel are merchants and travelers. Clerics of Grel may choose from the Air, Chaos, Travel and Liberation domains. Grel’s weapon is the Scimitar

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