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The Port of Cihh


Nation: None
Region: Freebooter Coast
Size: City
Population: 80,000(City) 85,000(outlying)
Demographics: 45% Human, 10% Dwarf, 10% Elf, 15% 1/2 Breeds, 5% Orc, 2% gnome, 2% Halfling, 11% other/unknown
Government: Merchant Consortium
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Leader: None
Lord: None
Imports: All
Exports: Fish(gathered), Salt(gathered), All(from trade)
Taxes: Moderate (Boat, Goods, Horse, Magic, Sword)


The Port of Cihh is the the richest in the Freebooter Coast region, and it is the powerful stand alone city on the continent. While the city boasts a permanent population of 80,000 it is not unheard of for there to be over 100,000 sentients within the city limits at any time. It is a rough town divided into 6 major sections, with the Gails River dividing the city into the north and south sides.

City Sections:

North Docks

The North Docks is a rough area where one should be careful at night. Ships that cannot afford to, or have a reason to avoid the South Docks, moor here. It is in general disrepair, but a person can find many illicit things for sale here.

South Docks

The South Docks are well kept, patrolled and taxed. The Merchant Consortium owns this entire region and only approved (by charter or coin) ships can dock here and offload their cargo.

Grand Bazaar

Located in the north middle section of the city, the Grand Bazaar is made up of permanent shops and a large square that has rent-able space (from the Merchant Consortium) for the dealing of goods brought into the city.

Merchant District

In the southern center of the city is the Merchant District, this heavily guarded area equals in splendor any noble district on the continent. The houses of rich merchant families, counting houses and all manner of guild buildings are located in this district. Also, a fortified area that serves as the headquarters of both the town guard and the Cihh marines is located in this district.

North Slums

The north western section of the city was once a district for the skum of the seas, pirates and vagabonds, with the increased stability brought by the Merchant Consortium this area has degraded to slums, where all those who bet on the sea and lost eventually end up. Upon entering the slums, the city guard inform you that they will not venture in to help you, even if you are a few feet from the gate, without express orders from a Consortium acting for the council

Grand Gate

The Grand Gate is the south eastern corner of Cihh and is the only legal way to enter the city by land. At the large gate travelers should expect to be questioned and to pay taxes appropriate to what they are bringing into the city. The area around the gate is filled with stables, warehouses inns and cart wrights to accommodate the overland trade going to and from the city.

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