Ogre Biter

+2 Ogre Bane Battle Axe

weapon (melee)

This is a +2 Battle Axe with Bane (Ogre).


During the 5 Wars period, the southern mountain passes were plagued with an ogre problem. The towns and villages in the region got together and posted a 5 gold bounty per ogre killed. This amount was only enough to anger the ogres who started to destroy villages. After many villages had been sacked, the ogres got bold and moved through a narrow chasm toward a large town. When they turned a bend they were faced with a lone dwarf and his pet cougar. The dwarf hefted his axe and bade the ogres to come, one by one he laid them out until the narrow chasm was so full of ogre bodies nothing could pass. With the whole Ogre army dead or scattered, the lone dwarf went and collected his prize money of 2000 gold and headed back into the mountains. When the town’s guard went to clear the chasm they found the dwarf’s axe, buried in the head of the Ogre leader on a which was pitoned to the chasm wall.

Ogre Biter

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