Dragon Ice Ring

+5 Resistance to cold, adds cold damage


This ring gives its wearer +5 Cold Resistance and ads 1 cold damage to any melee or thrown attacks.


In the southern tundra, there was a tribe of barbarians that, like most barbarians valued strength and glory over other attributes. In this tribe there was a slender, quick man whom the chiefs daughter was in love with, and him her. The chief, wanting nothing to do with this weakling tried to forbid his daughter from marrying him, but the village shaman said that if he did it would anger the spirits. So instead he said that whoever was to marry his daughter would be the warrior that brought the rarest ring for her. Knowing that the slender man would have no chance of getting any great war trophies, he was convinced that his daughter would not be able to marry him. The slender man left, telling his love he would return with the rarest ring. While suitors came, each bringer rarer and rarer rings a year past until the slender man returned to the village with a ring of ice. He said that every day for a year he placed a ring carved from ice in front of a great ice dragon, and every night he would swim under the sea and place it below a glacier. When the chief saw this he was furious, but the shaman declared that there was no rarer ring. Instead of letting the slender man win, the chief lifted his sword to kill his daughter, but she a strong woman of the south, punched him out, and the ring was so cold that it froze his ear off.

Dragon Ice Ring

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