Master Ironwedge

A High ranking member of the Mages Guild


Master Ironwedge is an old (early 500s) dwarven wizard who sits in a lesser seat on the ruling body of the mage’s guild. While most of the high wizards have left the tower very little, Master Ironwedge adventured for nearly 200 years before settling down in the tower. Because of this he has amassed a very large collection of rare and unusual items, but is not considered very important and even looked down upon by the more studied wizards. Because of his status and eccentricities his only duty for the guild is interacting with the Merchant Consortium and their member groups when something is needed that is outside of the realm that the city guard and marines can deal with.

Another oddity about Master Ironwedge is that, unlike all other high wizards, he takes very few apprentices (he currently has 3, it was four but for an unfortunate accident with new type of gnomish magical explosive).

All of Master Ironwedge’s apprentices are not normal, they either came to the tower much older then normal apprentices, do not use magic the same way (or at all in one of his old apprentice’s cases) as other wizards or were dropped by another high wizard.


Master Ironwedge

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